Trade Shows and Pop-Up Shop Course

Do you feel like your artistic success is tied to being “picked” by someone else?

If so, you’re not alone! Most artists feel this way. You’ve been taught that you need permission from gatekeepers (like galleries) or that you need to have a lucky break in order to be seen. Your success lives or dies on whether you get “picked.”

You want more control over your exposure and the opportunity to build an audience. If you don’t get it, your art business won’t last. It will be one among thousands of creative dreams that die based on a failure to gain traction.

There’s a better way to be seen, known, and followed by people who will LOVE your art. And it’s based on experiences that you create, not on fickle attention from popular influencers or venues.

You can craft unforgettable experiences that showcase your art by utilizing the power of trade shows and pop-up shops.



What Would It Be Like If You Could Finally Gain Control Over Your Exposure as an Artist?

If you feel like you’ve been hamstrung by a lack of “permission” and opportunities, ask yourself these questions:

  • What would it be like to get the full attention of your audience instead of sharing it for weak returns at a gallery?
  • How would it feel to start earning loyal customers and chart your path toward expanding your art business (instead of just trying to survive)?
  • How much would it matter if you could create unforgettable experiences and start making high-leverage connections through exclusive events?

I’ve been where you are. If you’re willing to invest in these strategies and do the work, you can build your audience and truly develop the art business of your dreams.

Stop Waiting for Permission and Start Hosting Your Own Incredible Experiences with Help from This Video Masterclass!